How To Setup Voluum Tracking With Clickbank

Visit SiteHow To Setup Voluum Tracking With ClickbankIt is possible to send conversions automatically from Clickbank to Voluum. The problem is that it is not as easy as inserting your Voluum postback URL into Clickbank’s settings. To make use of an automated conversion reporting you will have to use Clickbanks Instant Notification Service (INS). This service can send a compilation of data to a specified URL every time a transaction occurs. We need a script to fetch this data, decrypt it, select the data we need and forward it to Voluum in a regular postback URL format. To do all this you will first need a webserver with an SSL certificate. Clickbank only allows communication with an SSL protected URL.

Activation of SSL on your webserver will be different depending on the webhost you are using. Therefore we can’t give specific instructions. We recommend getting in touch with your hosting provider’s support.

Next you will need a script hosted on your secured webserver that receives the data from Clickbank and turns it into a postback URL that Voluum can understand. One option would be to reach out to a developer of your choice and have it programmed. But because we have done that already you can obtain… Read more…

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