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Visit SiteOptin PressorStart using Optin Pressor to build a PREMIUM QUALITY LIST of active and verified subscribers who always check their email every day. Let’s leverage the Facebook , Google, and Yahoo’s apps Opt-in Technology.

Optin Pressor Can Easily Embedded to Any HTML Page And Has Awesome Multiple Optin Campaign Drag n Drop Widget Feature!

With Pretty Lightbox Popup, You Can Easily Grab Your Visitors’ Attention and win them over instantly with completely easy and slick One Single Click Optin form. Automatically activate the Lightbox Popup by just clicking one radio button without touching any codes. It has ability to “When & How often” to show Pretty Lightbox Popup. And you can grab the Standalone Code for Pretty Lightbox Popup and insert it anywhere you like inside or outside wordpress page. Plus you can make a Clickable Optin Link to trigger this Pretty Lightbox.

Grab Your Visitors Attention Instanly By Slick Animated Slide-in Tab Optin, That Slides-in From The Right or Left Corner. This is very famous effect and mostly applied by major well-reputed big sites on the internet. It’s known to convert visitors into subscribers and customers very well. Slide-in Tab effect can boost your One Click Optin form for getting more verified email subscribers. And you can grab the Standalone Code for Animated Sliding Tab Optin and insert it anywhere you like inside or outside wordpress page.

Let’s Integrate GoToWebinar With Optin Pressor One Click Signup Form. When you activate the GoToWebinar addon, anyone who signs up to your One Click Optin form will register as Attendees for your GoToWebinar, and at the same time as signing them up to your mailing list. No matter what type of autoresponder you use. It’s help you to create your “One click signup for the webinar” and… Read more…

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